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Hall of Fame

I don’t have much to present here yet, but the idea behind this page is to include a Hall of Fame list and an annual Top 10 list. Albums that get perfect scores will be listed here. I don’t throw around 10s often, so I want them all to be easily accessible to demonstrate what I feel is the best of the best. I usually stand by the scores I give in my reviews, but I only get to listen to an album 2-3 times before I decide to publish my review. Sometimes I have a change of heart in how good or bad I feel an album is, so whenever they’re included here I will return to the review after a 2 months or so and reevaluate my score. If the score remains the same, the albums stay. If not, they’re removed. Having “pending” written next to the album will indicate that the review has yet to be reevaluated. The annual Top 10 is a list of the best albums of the corresponding year.

Hall of Fame

III by Xerath (Pending)

Annual Top 10

Coming soon!


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