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Flyleaf’s New Vocalist Is Impressive, But The Album Doesn’t Follow Suit

Album: Between The Stars
Artist: Flyleaf
Genre: Hard Rock
Release Date: 16 September 2014
Official Website:

Diagnosis: The main thing that Flyleaf had going for them was their heavy sound that put them on the fence between hard rock and metal. Their new vocalist, Kristen May, is a much more talented singer than Lacey Sturm, but she doesn’t scream at all, so now their blandness as a band is painfully obvious and totally out in the open. Outside of “Magnetic” there aren’t any songs that are particularly bad, but Between The Stars offers nothing that any other band in the genre already does better. Again, May’s voice is great, but the band can’t rely on her to make them worth listening to. Most of the lyrics are shallow and unoriginal, as is the music.

The Highlights: “Set Me on Fire” is an enjoyable listen where May’s vocal range is most at work and put to the test. I also like its aggression and dark tone, which is largely absent for the rest of the album. It’s unfortunate that the strongest song on the album is immediately follow by their worst, “Magnetic,” which is annoyingly repetitive. “Platonic” is a catchy song that takes an unexpected (but cool) electronic turn toward the end.

Final Thoughts: Its songs like “Magnetic” and “Thread” that best demonstrate their inability to write quality music. Nobody wants to hear the lines “I’m hanging by a thread.” It has to be the most overused line by emotional pre-teens who have poetry blogs on Tumblr. While “Sober Serenade” isn’t a bad song, its the ones like this that force the listener to start thinking about how poppy the music has gotten since Sturm’s departure, and without substance to support May’s lack of aggression, I don’t imagine too many people thinking the route their headed down to be a positive one. I almost want to hear May sing in a different band, but it is what it is. A band isn’t their singer.

Score: 3 out of 10


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