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‘El Pintor’ Opens Strong, But Fizzles Out


Album: El Pintor
Artist: Interpol
Genre: Alternative Rock
Release Date: 9th September 2014
Official Website:

Diagnosis: The first half of the album has some very good songs, some of which are beautifully put together and wrought with emotion. However, the album has trouble keeping it fresh as it progresses, so all its energy is spent in the beginning leaving the second half or so not as interesting. I feel like this could have easily been an extremely good album, but it just fell short.

The Highlights: El Pintor starts off with their most energetic song “All the Rage Back Home” and although the rest of the album isn’t as energetic, the song demonstrates what to expect, with the high-pitched guitar and well structured songs. I love the build up in “My Desire.” It starts steady with the same repeating riff then gets higher with a new riff and quieter again before it all comes together in the last minute of the song. “Same Town, New Story” is a very emotional song and their songwriting ability is at their peak here. The steady, high-pitched guitar communicates a lot with seemingly very little effort and there’s something awe-inspiring about that. “Everything Is Wrong” is another song where a lot of communicated in few words and riffs.

Final Thoughts: Interpol possesses very strong song-writing ability. It’s a shame that the second half of the album doesn’t hold up, but it’s still a good album and the songs mentioned earlier are very memorable and worth having in any music library.

Score: 7.5 out of 10


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