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‘Siren Charms’ Is Frustratingly Uninteresting


Album: Siren Charms
Artist: In Flames
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Release Date: 9th September 2014
Official Website:

Diagnosis: Siren Charms is one of those albums that will not allow you to the luxury of throwing a song your way to make you hate it, but it won’t give you something to like either. You’ll be listening the album waiting for the band to throw you a bone and once it ends you’re just left saying “that’s it?” The first half of the album is littered with riffs that are so boring that if you’re doing something while listening you won’t be able to tell one song from the other. In fact, three of the first four songs all begin by fading in. It’s like they forgot that there are other ways to begin a song. In order to compensate for the shallow riffs, there’s a stronger focus on the vocals, but all the vocals start the same way. They begin slow and steady and then explodes and gets louder during the chorus, as if the chorus alone is supposed to carry the songs. It isn’t until the seventh track that Anders Friden starts screaming from the get-go, but by then all credibility is lost and any attempt to elicit interest or emotion appears disingenuous. Siren Charms feels like an album that was played safe instead of trying to create something with depth.

The Highlights: “When The World Explodes” actually is a song where the chorus carries it, but songs like that aren’t usually very memorable in the long-run. “Rusted Nail” is a pretty good song and is easily the best one on the album. Again, the chorus carries it, which I think was just the strategy on this album. I’ve seen them live before and I can see this song getting a crowd riled up. The chorus is catchy and one that should be fun to sing along to during a concert. “Filtered Truth” is decent, but when compared to their older material, it’s easily forgettable.

Final Thoughts: Yeah, so three half-decent songs in an album of eleven. It’s just not good. I hear a lot of people saying stuff like “they’ve changed their sound, what’s the big deal?” Their “sound” hasn’t changed all that much since Come Clarity. If you think that the people not loving this album don’t like the change in their “sound,” you’re just not listening to the music. It’s not the sound. The quality has gone down so significantly, that comparing this album to their older material is a waste of time because it can’t even compete with their contemporaries.

Score: 3.5 out of 10


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